Instructional Technologies week 1

First reading about the assignment for this week, I didn’t really know what I was getting myself into.  I tried to break down what I thought Technology integration matrix (TIM) meant to me. I figured it was a chart of some sort talking about technology.  The website that was given for us to look at was very help full in explaining what it was.  In a way I was correct. It shows teachers how to use technology in the classroom to help enhance the learning of students.  It can be used in any grade level and has many different levels.  I was pretty overwhelmed with how much information was actually on this website, but it is a great resource.  I am sure to use it more thought out the year in my classroom.

Looking through some of the examples through grade levels I saw some really cool ideas.  One that really caught my eye was the project based learning.  I really liked this one, because I was thinking about doing something similar to this in my classroom.  With project based learning, the students learn certain skills that they need for that project or job.  Once they have learned those skills they go and apply them to the project or job.  Being in a group students learn communication skills, learn how to cooperate with others.  Another big thing is that they are working on a deadline, just like you were if you were in a real job and working on a real project.  Project based learning gives the students more ownership of their work.  Finally, they present everything to the class and explain what worked and what didn’t.

As I found really good examples, I found one that I wasn’t really sure about.  The one I was a little confused by was the communication with mentors. I don’t think of this as technology.  I know they had to make a website and do research, but I didn’t understand why they had to contact a mentor.  Maybe that is just me, but I thought it was pointless to e-mail people when you can go on the internet and find reliable sources.

As for technology in my school, I don’t see much.  The only thing that I see first hand is the smart board at my school.  If I was looking at TIM, the smart board would be in active-entry.

I teach resource, in my class we are about to start a unit on careers.  Looking at TIM, I think I want to use goal directed-adaptation during this lesson.  I want the students to set goals for the education and career goals.  Then I want the students to come up with a plan that they will be able to monitor during the rest of the school year and years to follow.