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Week 10

24th March 2013 | Closed

This week we looked at ways to express different events and locations and when they happened.  I really enjoyed the tools we learned about this week.  I love google and I didn’t know there were so many things we could use on there to help teach our students.  I really like the website for the […]

Week 9-Mini Lesson

17th March 2013 | Closed

This week was fun for me.  For my two mini projects I chose to do a Voki and a wordle.  I really wanted to do the Voki, because I thought it would be really cool.  I have seen it before on other pages, but never knew how to do it.  I didn’t think it would […]

Week 4

24th February 2013 | Closed

Let me first start off by saying that this week as been a really rough week.  I have been on edge lately.  I looked and did the assignments for this week, but the Scratch was the last of it.  I was getting excited about it when I read the information.  I love computers and I […]

Music Video

24th February 2013 | Closed

This week’s assignment was all about social media, getting use to Twitter, Linkedin, facebook, google reader and animoto (video making site).  I really enjoyed this week’s assignments.  I feel pretty confident about the social media scene, but once I got to this assignment I didn’t know there were so many different options out there. All […]

Flip or Not to Flip

24th February 2013 | Closed

Going into this week’s assignment, I wasn’t really sure what it meant by “flipped classroom.”  After going through all of the links and videos, I LOVE the idea.  I think that having the students take more responsibility for their learning is a huge thing that students need to learn.  I like the concept of having […]


3rd February 2013 | Closed

I was glad that copyright was our assignment for this week.  Early this year I had an issue with a copyright situation.  At my old school I used to work at we watched movies every Friday, so going to my new school I thought we would watch a movie before going on thanksgiving break.  Well […]

Week 2

3rd February 2013 | Closed

Starting this week’s assignments I wasn’t really sure what information I would learn.  From pervious education classes I have taken I knew a little about the 21st century skills, which is more critical thinking and problem solving.  Core knowledge to me means learning facts about core subjects, but not making the students really thinking about […]