Week 11

I really enjoyed looking at all the information from this week’s modules.  I do agree that most students are very computer savvy.  I have noticed that in my classroom, my students don’t really know much about computers or the programs available to them.  I’m not sure if it is that they don’t know much about it or if they are just lazy and don’t want to do anything for a class that doesn’t matter if they pass or not.

I enjoyed all of the Browser-based 3D virtual worlds that were listed in this week’s module.  The only one that I wasn’t too excited about was the NASA one.   I really enjoyed the Brainnook website.  I think it really fits for my class and students in my classroom.  For my classroom I do a lesson for about 15-20 minutes then it is remediation for classes that they need, I like having games that help students learn because most students don’t think that they are actually learning.  Another website that I enjoyed this week was the Minyanland, I think it would help some of my students but not all.  When I saw this I immediately thought out our ID program at our school. I am not sure how advance all the students are, but I know they work on simple math skills.

As for the application based websites, I liked the Edusim the best. I think the reason that I liked that one the best is because we already have smartboards in our room and it would be an easy transition to use these in the schools already.  If I was teaching next year I would probably use these in my room next year, but since I am not sure what I am doing next year I am not sure how I would integrate these application and web based websites this year since there isn’t much time left in school.

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