Week 10

This week we looked at ways to express different events and locations and when they happened.  I really enjoyed the tools we learned about this week.  I love google and I didn’t know there were so many things we could use on there to help teach our students.  I really like the website for the timeline.  I always did better when it came to visuals.  Teaching special education, like I do, most students do better with remember information when they are able to see it visually.  I have started the mini project and the website “capzles” seems very easy to use.  I would love for my students to create their own timeline of events.  They will be able to apply what they learned to something visually so they can study.

The other tool that I really enjoyed learning more about was the google trek.  I am going to be using it to capture the battles of the Civil War.  I tried to pick the wars that were bigger, so I didn’t have to list ALL of the battles.  This is a very good tool to use, I didn’t even know you could do this.  I think having the students follow the trek of certain events can allow them to remember the information better.

I believe that all of these tools that we looked at this week will help everyone.  I believe that everyone is a visual learn, but it works better for others.  Physically doing activities as well as visually seeing information all helps with memory in children.

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