Week 9-Mini Lesson

This week was fun for me.  For my two mini projects I chose to do a Voki and a wordle.  I really wanted to do the Voki, because I thought it would be really cool.  I have seen it before on other pages, but never knew how to do it.  I didn’t think it would be difficult to produce a Voki.  That part was correct, it wasn’t hard to make; but I had a lot of trouble putting it on my website.  I followed the directions, but couldn’t seem to get it to come up.  I think that having students use a Voki can show how much the students have learned about certain subjects.

Here is my Voki (hopefully it works):



The other mini project that I did was wordle.  I have used wordle before and I LOVE it.  I actually used it this year for my resource class.  We used it to discuss the difference between respect and disrespect.  For this wordle, I focused more on an actual lesson.  I figured I could use it for Human Anatomy, I know it isn’t any SOL but I don’t teach and SOL right now so this seemed fitting for me.  A sample lesson would be:

Name of lesson: Learning Human Anatomy

SOL: There isn’t an SOL for this lesson

Context: Human Anatomy, grade 9-12

Process: The body is made up of many things that make it work; ie. muscles, bones, veins, ligaments, ect.  The students will be able to make a wordle for every part of the body.  I will have the students look up the information for the certain body part to begin the class, once they have found the information I ask them and make a wordle.  We, as a class will go over their wordle and I will give them more information about the topic we are discussing that class.

Evaluation: The students will have to make a wordle for what they have learned during the whole unit.  The wordle will be points towards the final test of the unit.

Here is an example that I would expect for the students to do.  If they can find a human body that would be perfect, but I know that is hard.




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