Flip or Not to Flip

Going into this week’s assignment, I wasn’t really sure what it meant by “flipped classroom.”  After going through all of the links and videos, I LOVE the idea.  I think that having the students take more responsibility for their learning is a huge thing that students need to learn.  I like the concept of having the students listening to the lectures, videos, podcasts outside of class and allowing more time for in-class discussion and learning.  The “homework” from the traditional classroom is now what the students actually do at school.  There are so many times when you are teaching there are those students that don’t understand the concepts being taught.  I think that this way of teaching will help those students tremendously.

I don’t think that a flipped classroom is the answer to everything, but I do believe that from what I have read and listened to it is a way to start having the students think more outside of the box and use more critical thinking.  I also believe that it isn’t something that you can just do in one day, teachers will have to play around with it and not every lesson will be able to work with the flipped classroom approach.

Currently in my classroom, I don’t think I would be able to use it.  I think that if I taught a different class I would totally try it, I was getting very excited reading about all of the information on the flipped classroom.  I wish I taught a different class so that I could try it out before the end of the year, but I don’t see that happening this year.  The only concern that I see from this approach is, what happens if your students aren’t motivated enough to watch and take responsibility outside of class?  My students right now, don’t have the motivation to do anything in class or out of class. Doing a little more research, I came across this youtube video that explained how a teacher deals with students who don’t watch the videos. I think it is a good, short explanation about what ways you can ensure students are doing what they need to be doing to be prepared for class.



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