Week 2

Starting this week’s assignments I wasn’t really sure what information I would learn.  From pervious education classes I have taken I knew a little about the 21st century skills, which is more critical thinking and problem solving.  Core knowledge to me means learning facts about core subjects, but not making the students really thinking about the subjects or bringing in technologies to help the students learn and retain the information (more hands on).


From teaching this year, which has been very hard for me, I have seen that many students aren’t motivated.  When I would just lecture I didn’t have anyone’s attention.  Since I teach special education I need to make sure that the students are motivated and wanting to listen and get involved.  I have been trying to bring in aspects of the 21st century skills through partner work and more technologies.  Even with this, I still have unmotivated students.

I found this video that really explains the 21st century skills in school.

After reading the article, what to learn: ‘Core knowledge’ or ‘21st century skills’, it explains that “core knowledge is necessary” to become a good student.” The article also stated that content “is no longer enough.” This is where the 21st century skills come in.  After reading all of the articles from this week I believe that core knowledge and 21st century skills should be used together to get the best results from students.


Toppo, G. (2009, March 05). What to learn: ‘core knowledge’ or ’21st-century skills’?. Retrieved from

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